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Factory Direct Offers a Huge Selection of Offset Umbrellas, That wont Offset your Umbrella Budget

Offset Umbrellas is what we do, unlike other on-line e-tailers that offer 100's of products that a distributor ships for them. We are not trying to sell everything to everybody. If it is not good enough for us, Why would we want to sell it to you?

Shading America's Home Resorts with Offset Patio Umbrellas Since 2005



Q: What is a Side Post (Offset) umbrella (Offset) umbrella? (Difference between Market & Side Post (Offset) umbrella umbrellas)
A: An Offset umbrella supports its’ canopy from a position to one side unlike the ‘center pole’ used in Market umbrellas. This then allows for an unobstructed covered area.
Q: Why are Side Post (Offset) umbrella umbrellas becoming more and more popular these days?
A: They are very simple to operate and cover more area with less interference than the standard center pole umbrellas.
Q: Why should I buy a Side Post (Offset) umbrella umbrella?
A: Convenience, comfort and style. Perfect for anyone who wants to cover patio furniture, a hot tub (Spa) or for those who want to have shade wherever they need it. Easy to install or take down for storage.
Q: Why is SimplyShade Umbrellas considered the leader in the Side Post (Offset) umbrella umbrella industry?
A: Our patented innovative designs, ease of function and proven customer satisfaction over the years has kept us at the forefront. Our products have unique features and a very reasonable price. SimplyShade Umbrellas has been a pioneer in Side Post (Offset) umbrella umbrellas and lighted umbrellas for over 10 years and we will continue our leadership roll in the outdoor category technologies.
Q: Why should I purchase an umbrella with lights?
A: It will illuminate and add ambiance to areas ordinarily dark and unused. The convenience of having lights built into your umbrella will save you time and money. It operates on 12Volts, so it can save money on your electric bill.
Umbrellas lighted umbrellas features center and built-into rib lights.
Q: What sizes of umbrella does SimplyShade Umbrellas has? How many of them feature a lighting system?
A: 9’ & 11’ market style umbrellas (lighted & non-lighted). 8’ & 10’ square shape Side Post (Offset) umbrella umbrellas (lighted & non-lighted). Also a 10’ octagon shape (non-lighted) and the 11.5’ octagon shape (lighted & non-lighted). Our Design Excellence Award umbrellas also feature lights and Stereo system.
Q: Where to buy?

Q: What is Powder Coating?
A: A sealing treatment to the aluminum frame to protect it against corrosion. SimplyShade Umbrellas uses only the best powder coating for outdoor purposes, unlike others who use indoor only powder coating that may exhibit fading in a short period of time.
Q: What is “EZ tilt” trigger control?
A: A fingertip control mechanism which allows for remarkably simple raising and lowering of the umbrella. This is one of the best designs on the market and allows the consumer to tilt to multiple angles with one hand in only a few seconds. Consumers may use the tilt to block the sun, reduce noise or for peaceful privacy.
Q: What is “Pistol Grip Tilt mechanism”?
A: This is the most advance design currently on the market. On our newest model, the Milano, we relocated the tilt handle to the back side of the main post allowing for easier access and a smoother operation.
Q: What is a double deck vent top?
A: A second canopy above the main canopy to allow better air circulation. This helps not only in ventilating air and heat trapped below, but also, stabilizes the umbrella in case of wind gusts.
Q: What is ‘ribbed’ construction? Why is it better?
A: The ribbed constructed design used in the tubing will greatly increase the ability to support fabric weight and stand up to harsh weather conditions.
Q: What is “built-in lights” ribs?
A: Each rib is designed to cradle the LED lights, while still making any replacement simple and easy. All our lights are protected from most adverse weather conditions, and also have a very clean, stylish look.
Q: What is the Foot Pedal Rotating base?
A: SimplyShade Umbrellas's patented rotating base, allows the umbrella to rotate 360 degrees, simply by stepping on the foot pedal and turning the umbrella. Release the foot pedal and the umbrella will automatically lock into position. It is simple and easy to use.

Fabric (Cover):
Q: What is the PU coating on fabric?
A: Polyurethane blend applied to Sundura and Sunprove fabrics. It makes the canopy impervious to outside weather conditions. It also provides a water repellent feature that blocks the rain or snow, and makes cleaning easy.

Electrical, Lights & Stereo
Q: What is the “Moon light” feature?
A: A centrally located globe containing a 2 way (high-low) light for bright illumination or soft glow.
Q: What is the “Star-Lights” feature?
A: Another of SimplyShade Umbrellas\'s patented designs. Our Rope-lights are encased within the ribs of the umbrella providing a delightfully warm, ambient glow.
Q: What is LED? What is its advantage?
A: Light Emitting Diodes, using quartz technology, to ensure thousands of hours of light. Much longer lifespan than standard filament bulbs.
Q: What is UL/CE approved and why it is so important?
A: These Laboratories certify that the electrical equipment used in our umbrellas match or exceed the U.S., Canadian and European Governments standards for safety and performance. We may be, currently, the only one in our industry featuring a UL/CE approved Indoor/Outdoor transformer and water resistant outdoor cable. This is very important due to the environment that the umbrella is being used, such as around pools and spas as well as during rainy conditions.
Q: Why is Low voltage better than high voltage on umbrellas?
A: Low voltage umbrellas provide safety near any pools and spas, dramatically reducing the risk of shock. SimplyShade Umbrellas places consumer safety as the number one priority when designing umbrellas. We use only low voltage for all our outdoor products.
Q: What is the SimplyShade Umbrellas “ ” umbrella?
A. SimplyShade Umbrellas's 2008 “ ” model features a built-in dual band AM/FM stereo. This outdoor entertainment system is iPod/MP3/MP4/Walkman/Cell Phone compatible and has a bright display panel that indicates the Time, Temperature and Radio Stations.
Q: Is the system weather proof?
A: Yes, the stereo unit and speaker system are weather proof. There are no external wires or parts exposed to the elements.
Q: Why is SimplyShade Umbrellas\'s umbrella labeled “the best in the industry”?
A. Casual Living magazine has named our umbrella the “iPod umbrella”. We have designed the only umbrella that features a built-in iPod/MP3/MP4/Walkman compatible stereo system. It is the first of its kind in the industry and is the new milestone in outdoor products.
Q: How large an area will the speakers cover?
A. Our powerful speakers are located in the center of the umbrella. This will spread the music evenly. Not only under the umbrella but also the surrounding area. They can be heard for a thousand square feet by tilting our umbrella in the proper direction.
Q: If I have any problem with this stereo system, what do I do?
A. First, contact your dealer/representative for assistance. They should be able to help you. As a last resort, it is very easy to remove & replace the stereo unit, it takes only seconds. SimplyShade Umbrellas has designed a very “consumer friendly” umbrella.
Q: What about the “Removable Battery”?
A. Our Primo series features a removable battery designed for easy replacement or for charging.
Q: Why should I own an umbrella with a built-in Stereo?
A. Our umbrella will provide you with your favorite music or news while you and your family or friends relax in the shade. No need to carry a heavy and cumbersome radio each time you want to enjoy some music and no need to run inside to change the station. In fact, you do not even have to get out of your seat. This umbrella comes with a remote control.