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Factory Direct offers a large selection of the best Offet Umbrella $ Offset Patio Umbrellas with Offset Pole That wont offset your budget

The 11.5ft Octagon Bali Offset Umbrella






       Optional Tankbase        

Optional Tank-base shown right Images
  Filled with sand weights over 300lbs when filled

                    Open Postion
         No Valance to abstruct views
             Vent Top           Rotates 360 degrees

Tilts Vertically approximately
up to a 45 degree angle 

      Patent EZ Tilt Mechanism

Patent Foot Pedal         Rotation Device w/Crossbase

Optional Tank Base
Over 270lbs fill with sand or gravel (sand not Included)
  Closed Postion


         Optional Deck Mount Bases Concrete Base UBP3-C In Ground Base UBP3-G Wood Deck Mount Base UBP3-W Optional Tank Base UBTANK



24 Month Warranty

2408 Black.jpg

2422 Antique Beige.jpg

2446 Forest Green.jpg



2406 Blue Sky.jpg

2439 Navy.jpg

2412 Really Red.jpg




In Stock

11.5ft Octagon  Bali Offset Umbrella W/Valance
SOLEFIN FABRICS-24 Month Warranty
With Crossbase-Rotates 360 degrees

Factory Direct Price $
Sale Price & Special Promo  $559.00

Optional Bases


5403 Jockey Red

5422 Antique Beige

5408 Black

Approved by

5404 Natural

5439 Navy Blue

54011 Ginkgo


11.5ft Octagon  Bali Offset Umbrella W/valance
Sunbrella Fabrics 5yr Warranty
With Crossbase-Rotates 360 degrees-No Valance
Factory Direct Price $
Sale Price & Special Promo $

Optional Bases





Solefin Premium Olefin fabric which is a 100% solution dyed Polypropylene fabric. Sundura Premium Olefin fabric is a woven texture fabric with a course composition that is highly durable. The fabric is backed by a 2 year limited warranty. As an umbrella canvas, our Solefin fabric cover has many of the same characteristics as Polyester & Acrylic. . Much like other synthetic fibers, it absorbs very little moisture. This fiber is quick drying. However, Solefin Olefin is one of the best value fabrics and maintains its color characteristics longer.

Excellent colorfastness- backed by a 5 year limited warranty*
Abrasion resistant.
Easy to clean.
Strong and durable

Solefin offers a limited 2 year warranty against fading from normal usage and exposure to weather and atmospheric conditions, including sunlight and mildew. This warranty covers replacement of the FABRIC only.


Fabrics A, AA (Solid color, Linen, Stripes & Prints)

Sunbrella fabrics are made in the USA, by Glen Raven Mills in SC, produced from tough acrylic fibers. The Sunbrella brand fabrics are not only beautiful, they are incredibly durable. Sunbrella is a 100% solution dyed Acrylic fabric, approximately 8 oz/per square yard. The furniture grade fabrics are made from the same acrylic fibers as the awning & marine fabrics. So the fabrics are tough. Resist sunlight, mildew, rot and most atmospheric abuse. The fabrics are porous, which lets the material breathe, for greater comfort in hot weather. Sunbrella is coated with a soil & stain resistant finish that makes cleanup a breeze. Sunbrella has proven for decades in the US that it is one of the finest fabrics in the outdoor category. Made in USA, 5 Year limited warranty.

Patented Frame construction
• Beautifully designed 10’ x 10’ square cantilevered canop WITH NO VALANCE.
• “Powder coated tough” aluminum frame comes in Antique Bronze color.
• The triangle formation in our frame when fully opened is designed for maximum reinforcement.
• Anodized Zinc Aluminum alloy components.
• Special blend PU additive for better protection from UV rays and harsh weather conditions.
• Ratchet style crank assembly with an advanced gear mechanism that requires little effort to operate.
• Eight heavy-duty honeycomb designed ribs.
• Hidden “rope & pulley” system built into the frame, not exposed to harmful elements.
• Removable crank handle to prevent tampering.
• Low-maintenance, user-friendly design.

Patented Umbrella tilt control (PGT Tilt – Pistol Grip Trigger Tilt)
• Heavy duty cast aluminum desigN
• Tilt mechanism adjust the umbrella canopy into many positions in seconds
• Brace back tilting style provides stability and reinforcement
• Spring loaded Trigger Control easily operates with the use of One hand
• Adjusts to 4 preset positions for best coverage
• Tilt mechanism, does not need to crank, pin and re-open

• Canopy style: 8-rib Square shape collapsible structure.
• Main fabric and vent top fabric are made with matching colored binding.
• Canopy closes in seconds and secures to the main post for quick storage.
• Easy to open & close without interfering with furniture, spa or patio items.

• Marine grade Stainless Steel hardware. (NO RUST)
• Nylon hubs and connectors, will not chip or break like plastic.

Patented Rotating Base with Cross Arms
• Foot Pedal Rotating Base has Braking Mechanism that locks umbrella base into position
• Umbrella rotates 360 degrees
• 12 Preset Locking Positions for 360 degree coverage
• Stainless Steel Bearings mechanism is sealed for longer outdoor durability
• Plastic cover on rotating base provides extra weather protection
• Plastic insert on base tube to prevent scratches on frame
• Portable steel cross base allows for umbrella to be moved to different locations
• Note: Patio Blocks Not Included

SHIPS BY TRUCK LINE-Please include your phone number when placing your order 

Powerbase shown in image above is now "optional"
All orders without selecting the Powerbase ship with a Crossbase
the Crossbase requires 4qnty 18"-patio pavers

SHIPS BY TRUCK LINE-Please include your phone number when placing your order   

11 ½’ Octagon Shape with Oblong shaped main Pole (3 ¼” x 2”/ 80 x 53 mm)
Aluminum frame in Antique Bronze color powder coated
Single Piece Main post for extra strength (main pole with no extend connection and no splices involved)
Anodized Zinc Aluminum Alloy components
Antique Bronze color “Powder Coated Tough” frame - for better protection from the elements
Oblong Ribbed Constructed Main Frame withstand windy conditions
Colored keyed Ratchet Style Crank Assembly with gears mechanism for ease and smooth operation
Unique hidden pulley system that is built into the frame, not exposed under harmful elements
Removable crank handle provides more control

Patented Base (optional)
Antique Bronze color finish matches with umbrella frame
Made of heavy duty Polyethylene material for extra strength
Umbrella Base weighs up to 300 lbs when filled with gravel or sand.
Strong honeycombed interior and support walls
Strong enough for a person to stand on (up to 270 lb)
Textured non-slip surface
Very resistant of rust and corrosion.
32” x 32” x 8” dimension, 70 lbs when empty

Patented “PISTOL GRIP TRIGGER” (PGT Tilt) Mechanism
Pistol Grip Trigger Control Handle easily operates with the use of one hand and takes only in seconds
Brace-Back tilting style provides reinforcement
State of the Art Pistol Grip Power Technology – Effortless & Smooth
4 built-in large size wheels for easy to adjust the upper canopy to many angles for shade coverage
Pistol Grip Trigger Tilt mechanism, does not need to crank, pin and re-open

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware (NO RUST)
Nylon Hubs and joints. Will not chip or break like plastic.
Colored keyed grommets hide additional hardware for a nice clean look

Canopy styles: 8 ribs structure with rib pockets,
Sunbrella cover with Matching color binding Valance
Vent Top Canopy-Allows for hot air & Wind to escape from beneath.
Canopy easily closes in seconds and stows away against the main frame for easy storage
Easy to open & close does not intrude on any furniture, Spa and patio items like many others